You Had Me at Exposed Brick

After taking a workshop from Soulwork for Moms I decided it was time to create a space for me. I'm sure it's no secret that spending time or money on yourself as a mother can be a guilt ridden process. Yet, once you work through the guilt, it is incredibly fulfilling.

Where is the first place to start? Google, of course. I searched art studios for rent near Cincinnati. I came across Artist Studios on Main in Loveland. They had one studio available so I had to check it out. Once the door opened and I saw the back wall, it was a done deal. The studio has this special energy that I knew it was meant for me.

This is a new beginning. I now have a dedicated space just for me to create and recharge. It is a work in progress, but I look forward to what is to come.


#studio #soulworkformoms #brick

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